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A Variety of Programing!

This is NOT Pirate Radio!

We pledge non-interference with licensed broadcasters!

We Operate legally under Part 15 Rules!

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The Center Of The Universe in Jacksboro, Texas!

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Local Radio for Local People   listen to radio

We have been “on the air” now for over three years.  Time does fly and we are constantly updating and adding programing. 

We use the “AM 1610” moniker because it sounds good when we do station id’s!  

Our streaming audience is growing.  Thanks!

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Originating From

 “Alexa Play the Jacksboro Radio Network”

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 Friday & Saturday at 1:00

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With Award Winning Chuck Ramsey!

 Texas Dancehall Radio!

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Monday & Wednesday at 11:00 AM

A.M. 1610  Part 15

Serving Jacksboro, Texas


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3 Year Anniversary!!

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