Several years ago, our small F.M. station was bought and moved to alleviate transmission problems with a powerful F.M. station that serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.  That powerful station’s coverage in our area is excellent, but they do not and should not be expected to cater to our needs in Jacksboro.

Local news, local programming for our community does not fit the needs of the DFW metroplex.     Nor should we expect it to.

SCommunityRadioo!!! After several years of looking into alternatives, including LPFM, which has only had two filing windows, and needless to say we missed the most recent one.  

We see no other broadcast licensing opportunities at this time for our community.   Commercial broadcast opportunities are limited and very expensive.  But, we haven’t ruled out the right opportunity if it arrives.

What are we going to use?  Low Power, actually Micro-Power, known as Part 15 transmissions.  We use them everyday.  Garage door openers, wireless routers, remote controls for many different applications.  The rules are strict, and perhaps even vague, but we are not the first to do this for a community!

Can we cover Jacksboro?  Yes, and actually it isn't hard with todays technology.  One transmitter might get most of downtown.  A second one linked and phased will grab another part of town, etc.  Several linked together will provide coverage throughout our small city.

We will file for LPFM licensing when it comes available in the next FCC filing window.  There have only been two filing windows, but there is hope for another one in the future.  Until then, we will microbroadcast under Part 15 rules and set up streaming. 


How It Started!     Idea_Man[1]


We Need Local Programming!

Why use A.M. for our part 15 transmissions?

There are several reasons!  The Main one being better coverage!  FCC rules regarding Part 15 FM broadcasts are very stringent.  To be in compliance, you would not cover a city block!  With Part 15 A.M. the coverage can expand to a mile easily and still be in compliance.  Multiple transmitters and Internet streaming can cover a city easily!


A.M. will be our temporary broadcast medium until we achieve LPFM licensing!  Enjoy the technology of yesteryear with us!

A.M. 1610  Part 15

Serving Jacksboro, Texas


Jacksboro Radio


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